The park of the Enghien Castle

A walk in the Enghien Castle park is a very pleasant activity, especially on a sunny day. It is listed as a major cultural heritage of Wallonia!There you can find gardens, statues and historical buildings.One of them is of course the Castle, which you can see in the picture. The current building dates back from the…

A walk in Antwerp

Two weeks ago I was in Antwerp with a group. We visited the Cathedral of Our Lady and admired the painting of Rubens. We walked along the Meir, a vibrant street which was packed! At the end of the day we enjoyed the Christmas lights along the river, as you can see on the picture. 

At Saint John’s Hospital Museum

Yesterday I spent the day in Bruges with a small group from Mexico. We visited the Saint John’s Hospital Museum.It was one of the oldest hospitals in Europe and nowadays hosts a collection of medical instruments and artwork, including some masterpieces by Hans Memling. 

At Sint-Leonardus Church in Zoutleeuw

Yesterday I followed an in depth guided tour of the Sint-Leonardus Church in Zoutleeuw. The tour is given in Flemish every first Sunday of the month. The church is rich in art, history and architecture.Once you are inside the church, the first thing that catches your eye is definitely the colours that makes the building…

Best wishes to all of you for the new year

A special thanks to Manolo for being my assistant and my greatest supporter. He was there for all the important events of 2021 and had a special costume for every occasion! He can easily adapt to any situation and circumstance.  In the first picture he is wearing a graduation cap on the day of my…

At Brussels City Museum

A few buildings around the Grand-Place, seen from the Brussels City Museum (in FR Maison du Roi, in NL Broodhuis). On a sunny day all the golden features are shining.

An origami sphere

An origami sphere hung from the glass ceiling of the Queen’s Gallery in Brussels.You can admire the origami installations of the designer Charles Kaisin along the Royal Galleries until the end of February 2022.

In Bruges

A view from the Boniface bridge in Bruges, one of the places we visited yesterday during a full day guided tour around Flanders. #travel #bruges #brugge #belgium #flanders #visitbruges