My services

On this page you can find the services I provide. Don’t hesitate to contact me for a quote or more information.

Guided tours

  • Guided tours for individuals and groups in various cities in Belgium (Brussels, Gent, Bruges, Mechelen, Leuven, Antwerp, Liège …).
  • Guided tours for individuals and groups for excursions outside Belgium (Amsterdam, Lille, Luxembourg, Rotterdam…)
  • Guided tours with different orientations: art, history, local tradition, etc.
  • Multilingual tours in English, Italian, Spanish, French.

Museum tours


  • Assistance and organization of meetings and conferences.
  • Coordination and project management services.
  • Multilingual reception services.

Practical assistance

  • Support for transfers and travel assistance.
  • Airport transfers.
  • Language assistance services.


  • Virtual or in-person lectures on different topics such as art, history and society.
  • Virtual or in-person presentations on specific topics.


  • Advice on travel and events planning.
  • Advice on travel routes, tours, venues and sights.
  • Travel design services.

Dine with a guide

I collaborate with “Dine with a guide”. If you want me to be your tour guide for a drink or a dinner, check out my profile.