The tip of the iceberg…of being a tour guide!

Would you like to learn what tour guides don’t usually share? I’m talking about the hidden part of the iceberg! Let me know and I’ll post it next week.

A good amount of scientific research is focused on the aspects I mention. This post is just a very informal way of sharing with you what could be seen as a visible part of this job.

Talking about your favorite topics: art, history, society…it is very easy to get passionate!

Meeting new people: not only people who follow you but also colleagues and random people you meet on the spot during work days.

Learning constantly: I love studying so I find it a really pleasant activity in my job routine. Also, interesting conversations with people, masterclasses, and lectures are really good sources of information.

Fun moments: there are plenty of them each day! 

Switching languages: if you work in different languages, being a tour guide keeps you well-trained.

Physical exercise: walk, walk, and walk…the streets are my gym!

Being outside on sunny days: talking and walking during a beautiful sunny morning is a real blessing.

Never getting bored: even if you sometimes repeat yourself and visit the same cities every week, the circumstances are always somehow different, especially the people you meet.

If you are a fellow tour guide, please let me know in the comments if I forgot something.

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