At the Huy Collegiate

During the weekend I finally got the chance to revisit the treasury of the Notre Dame and Saint Domitien collegiate church in Huy.

The central nave of the Collegiate

The entrance of the treasury is free every first Sunday of the month, don’t miss it next week! If you want to have a look at the church before visiting it, you can have a virtual tour.

I really wanted to see the four reliquary chests from the Meuse river Region (12th and 13th centuries) displayed in the treasury.

Châsse de NotreDame, one of the reliquary chests displayed in the treasury of the Collegiate.

As you can see in the picture, in the Collegiate you can find an amazing rose window in radiant style, the Rondia (Li Rondia, in Walloon). This is the largest in its style in Belgium and the largest rose window of Wallonia. The windows of the Rondia date back from the 1970s, since the previous ones were destroyed during the war.

Li rondia

During my tours, people always enjoy observing the stained glass windows. We often stop and admire how the colorful light is reflected through the window on the architectural stone features. I have to admit that happens every time I visit the Cathedral of Liège, another place I suggest that you to visit if you are travelling in Wallonia.

I had the same experience during my visit of the Collegiate of Huy: the windows are really impressive! I discovered that during the Wallonia Heritage Days (11th and 12th September) you can visit the collegiate and learn more about the women represented on the windows!

One of the amazing windows of the Collegiate

You can download the official brochure of the Heritage Days by clicking here.

Let me know if you ever visited this Collegiate, I’m really curious!

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